Quarantine: Opportunity or threat? (a nod to episode 12)

As we all adjust to the quarantine rules set in place by our various governments across the world and with a view to what the world (especially the project world) might be like once the pandemic has subsided, I've had many conversations with relatives, friends and colleagues about their thoughts on the future outlook of society and the economy at large.

Many agree that both will have a significant impact and I doubt anyone alive today will know with any certainty what all of this will result in. One thing for sure is that there are both threats and opportunities; but how, where and when are we to seize, find and take advantage of these?

On Episode 12 we had an interesting twist to the end of the show with contrasting views between Val and Tim Rudman about when opportunity might present itself. This got me thinking about what opportunities might be present right now whilst we are in the midst of the pandemic and what might come as a result of it.

Some thoughts around a digital PMO sprung to mind and what that might look like. Thus far, the PMO teams that I am involved with have adjusted amazingly well; demonstrating to stakeholders how agile they can be whilst still adding maximum value even though we are all having to work remotely. The two key ingredients have been the early adoption of technology and communication tools, and a 'can do' attitude of positivity that has kept the service levels of the PMO at an outstanding level.

Nothing's changed...

If you take away quarantine and the COVID-19 impact from the above equation, you will notice that the same two ingredients would lead most teams to success in any event, but it is even more important now. If you fail to communicate adequately and have a blinkered attitude then you will no doubt fall to the wayside. Embrace and adopt new ways of working and thinking and opportunities lie in wait.

I obviously can't tell you what individual opportunities exist around you as your circumstance is unique to yourself but if you are looking for them you'll usually find them. Equally, I don't have a crystal ball to tell you what opportunities lie ahead but with an inquisitive mind and daring to be brave you will position yourself to take advantage of them when they appear.

So to echo some of Tim's message, go on to LinkedIn and get in touch with people. Share your ideas and thoughts as you never know what might just come of them. If nothing happens you are not worse off but also don't let that stop you - you've only failed when you've given up!

We are fortunate to live in a time where technology is so advanced that quarantine provides more opportunity than threat!

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