Where I'd rather be during COVID-19

So this is it. We're all dealing with it. The terrible impact of a virus on global. A pandemic of massive wide-spread proportions. With countries and borders locked down, flights stopped and people in isolation, we all start thinking, I should have locked down somewhere like here! (pictured below). Remote working has been enabled by the internet and technology, so thankfully this remote working from beautiful islands with ocean views could be a reality!

The question is, will this change how we do business in the future? One thing is for sure, remote working is here to stay. People are questioning whether we would ever truly need to head back into the office, meeting the transit grind in the morning, only to get to the cafe for that fresh aroma of barista beans in a cup. The choice may be ours, again.

If that is the reality, then I will be happy to uplift my family and provided my internet speeds can handle it, I will be working from somewhere exotic, near a pool and an ocean. Where there are trees and fresh air. Smell it. Freedom. Maybe this is the next evolution of the work-life cycle. The Henry Ford (labour day) model is outdated and for a lot of types of roles, not necessary. IT, for example, can work remotely (and have been for years). So what other vocations could take advantage?

Flexible Working

I remember the day HR released a memo. Flexible working was all about working smarter not harder. Bringing work-life balance back and allowing people to run errands and work to support their family and work as and when needed. Now flexible working may be a contract requirement. It may mean a certain number of days in and out of the office. This works for both employer and employee. More freedom means happier employees, plus your overheads, carbon footprint ( theoretically) and commutes would be less crowded.

Pushing for Change

Whilst we're all in isolation and reflecting on what is really important remember this:

  • Could you be valuable to your team without being physically there?

  • is your work transactional or people based?

  • Could you work remotely on a long term basis and remain productive?

Let's be honest this doesn't work for all jobs. Face to face roles, consulting and other specialist roles generally mean being up close and personal with clients and contractors. But this may change if we can adapt and improve remote technology. What an exciting time to stretch our abilities and capability across all technological mediums. I like to look for the positives when there is so much to be negative about.




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