5 ways to improve results from your recruiter

Using external niche recruiters is possibly the best way to source PMO/Project Controls talent for clients and jobs for candidates looking in the market.

Some pointers on why you should choose a niche recruiter for your recruitment needs:

1. Niche recruiters are a bit like boutique shops. They specialise and don’t try to cater for everyone. They know their market and deliver a superior service to our clients.

2. They are more experienced, have in-depth industry specific knowledge and can access a concentrated pool of candidates; resulting in better efficiency during the hiring process and the opportunity to build lasting relationships with the best talent in the industry.

3. Niche recruiters are not purely motivated by filling live vacancies, but more so driven to building long term relationships with both clients and candidates.

4. They have the network to tap into the passive market, candidates who are not actively looking but might be interested if the opportunity is right.

Key take-a-ways that are proven to develop all important client-recruiter relationships:

Recruitment relationships with mutual effort will increase your advantage and secure your recruitment success.

1. Job Description

I am not a fan of job descriptions, many will be generic, outdated and written many years ago. As an experienced recruiter, I know the core duties a Planner will perform. What does help is a brief overview; ideally a call, to highlight scope of the role, seniority of the role and budget. This is essential to getting the best value candidate for the role.

2. Understanding your business

Evidence shows that recruiters work best when they understand your company. Providing greater insight into your company beyond a basic understanding gives your recruiter greater insight when choosing which candidates to put forward to you. Take the time to talk through the information on company culture, purpose and wider aims. Discussing in a meeting or via phone call will ensure it is more effectively communicated and will help to establish a strategy.

3. Communicate openly

Effective communication is crucial. If you are a client be clear about candidate requirements and direct about recruiter fees. As a candidate, be honest and committed.

4. Ongoing Feedback

Provide meaningful feedback on candidate CV’s and interviews and do so within agreed timeframes. By letting your recruitment team know why some candidates weren’t successful and how the specification may have changed, they can adapt the search to provide you with the perfect candidates.

5. 6 reasons why you should consider using your recruiter exclusively

Engaging and investing in your chosen recruiter may prove more fruitful in your search for the right candidate.

1. The client is getting the recruiter’s full commitment to filling their vacant role. A client may think they get more effort from a recruiter when the role is in competition, but what really happens is a short burst of activity from the recruiter, and then our interest wanes as we realise the client is not committed. Same goes for candidates looking for a role.

2. The responsibility for success is now shifted to the recruiter. If the job is given to one recruiter they own the problem. If the recruiter fails, that is the end of that relationship.

3. The client is taking the focus off speed and back on quality. ‘Exclusivity’ means the recruiter has time to do thorough work. Exclusivity allows the recruiter to bring all of their resources to bear in the talent search. Not just a quick search, but a thorough, detailed talent search across talent networks, online communities and social media pages.

4. The client will save time by dealing with one competent recruiter. No multiple agency briefings and multiple contacts to deal with.

5. The clients’ confidentiality is preserved as the role is not being touted around by 5 or 6 recruiters, each speaking to 9 or 10 candidates about the role. Same goes for candidate confidentiality.

6. Clients brand and image is improved by using one recruiter, because their job is not devalued in the eyes of talent, who will be suspicious if the job is represented by multiple recruiters.

Recruiter relationships are extremely significant for your business. If you are seeking a niche recruiter to provide a solution in finding the best talent for your company, please contact me for an informal chat. I am keen to hear your thoughts on the above, welcome constructive feedback and would like to discuss the pros and cons of niche

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